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Heal your web/mobile locators using Healenium

What is Healenium?

Healenium is an open-source test framework extension that enhances the stability of Selenium-based test cases. It automatically handles the updated web and mobile elements. In practical scenarios, Web and mobile applications are updated constantly in every sprint and that may cause locator changes. Healenium uses a type of machine-learning algorithm…

No more hardcore manual reviews ❌


What is a Code Review?

Code Review, also known as Peer Code Review, is the act of consciously and systematically convening with one’s fellow programmers to check each other’s code for mistakes and has been repeatedly shown to accelerate and streamline the process of software development like few other practices can.” (From SmartBear).

The Benefits of Code Reviews

  • Improves code…

Automation Boilerplate Projects

What is a Boilerplate?

In computer programming, boilerplate code or just boilerplate are sections of code that are repeated in multiple places with little to no variation. When using languages that are considered verbose, the programmer must write a lot of code to accomplish only minor functionality. Such code is called boilerplate.

The need for boilerplate can be reduced through high-level mechanisms such as metaprogramming (which has the computer automatically write the needed boilerplate code or insert it at compile time), convention over configuration (which provides good default values, reducing the need to specify program details in every project) and model-driven engineering (which uses models and model-to-code generators, eliminating the need for manual boilerplate code).

Web UI Automation Boilerplates

Good read. Keep it up (Y)

A Java plugin for TestNG to analyze the failed and skipped tests easily in test automation.


The main reason for developing this plugin is to provide an easy way to analyze the failed and skipped tests in test automation.

MaxSoft TestNG Test Results Analyzer comes with a built-in failed and skipped tests grouping mechanism. It will generate an Excel file with the failed and skipped tests…

Android application automation with Page Object Model

Appium Architecture

Introduction to Page Object Design Pattern

Page Object is a Design Pattern which has become popular in test automation for enhancing test maintenance and reducing code duplication.

A page object is an object-oriented class that serves as an interface to a page of your AUT. The tests then use the methods of this page object class…

Real time health check dashboard for your backend services.

MaxSoft — API Health Checker


When we are working on a real project it is vital to have dashboard where we can find the availability of the backend services integrated with that project. This project can be used for that purpose.


  • Easy to find unavailable backend services
  • Real-time updating the services status in every “x”…

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